2023 Single Close Construction Champion

1st Signature Lending, LLC Named “2023 Single Close Construction Champion” by USDA 1st Signature Lending, LLC is giving homebuyers the option to build their home in a housing market where existing homes are hard to come by.   INDIANAPOLIS, IN July. 31, 2023 – 1st Signature Lending LLC, leaders in Residential New Construction Mortgages, was […]

Why Chattel Loans are Bad for Your Community

Chattel loans, also known as personal property loans, are financing used to purchase movable personal property such as cars, boats, or recreational vehicles. While these loans seem attractive to consumers due to the speed at which financing and home completion occur, the loans can have a negative impact on the community. One of the main […]

Rising Rates Impact New Home Builds

Interest rates are rising but 1st Signature Lending is still financing consumers so they can build their dream home.  There are Inventory shortages all over the US and interest rates are rising.  Consumers that are shopping for new homes may consider building a home, but now hesitate due to interest rates rising.  Is that hesitation […]

1st Signature Lending and Habitat for Humanity

“If you have not had a chance to go to the Habitat for Humanity, I highly recommend this experience.  On Saturday, when we finished for the day, I walked around helping to pick up the tools, and I found a nail.  I was like ‘This nail is going on my desk.’ For some who walk […]

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