Disrupting the Manufactured Loan Market

For a long time, there has been one primary lender in town time for Manufactured home customers.  This means that lending options for this home build product are almost few and far between.  Competition is good.  Providing different options is imperative to create better opportunities for customers.  Mortgage lending can never be one size fits all, especially in the Construction to Permanent space.  


1st Signature Lending received feedback from both consumers and builders about their preferences, and empathetically developed a manufactured loan product that would help more people than ever before.  Are the other options bad?  No, they may be exactly what borrowers need to meet their goal of building a home.  1st Signature Lending wanted to put together something that aggressively helped more people – and enhance the Manufactured Home Loan space.  Here is how:

  • Rate – We recommend you receive several quotes (if you can) to understand exactly what your interest rate will be on your Manufactured Home Loan.  1st Signature Lending is confident that we will be extremely competitive when it comes to interest rates concerning the Manufactured CTP loan.
  • Fees – A necessary part of getting a mortgage involves fees.  Like interest rates, 1st Signature Lending has studied the landscape and has worked hard to provide the most competitive fee structure for Manufacture home customers.  We encourage you to comparison shop when analyzing both variables. 
  • Term – The mortgage term impacts your payment.  The length of time it takes to pay back your mortgage is important.  1st Signature Lending provides a 30-year mortgage for a Manufactured Construction to Permanent loan which is different than some of our competitors.


The very best way to understand all your mortgage options is to speak with a 1st Signature Lending Loan Officer.  They will guide you through the entire process and help you understand all the items involved in the loan process for a manufactured home.  Competition is essential in free markets to help consumers receive the best options to meet their needs.  The opportunity to provide a competitive product is not only good business but it aligns with 1st Signature Lending’s core values to provide the best lending experience possible. 

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