1st Signature Lending offers a Construction to Permanent loan with a one-time close.

Loan Types: VA, FHA, USDA, and Conventional

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1st Signature Lending is the leader in construction to permanent mortgage loans.  When customers work with us on building a new home, they can expect a level of expertise that far surpasses the competition.  

Our experience with construction to permanent loans positions us to help borrowers and builders walk through the home build process with confidence.  We work closely with our build partners and strive to build relationships with each customer through communication and attention to detail.

what we offer

We offer a wide variety of mortgage products, competitive rates, expertise, and amazing mortgage professionals
that strive to help our customers achieve their homeownership goals.


Build your vision from the ground up using our one time close construction loan.


Before you even begin house hunting, know what your options are!


Whether you’re looking to lower your rate, change the term of your loan, or cash out on your equity, you’ve got options!

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Let us help you figure out what loan type or loan program works best for your needs!

loan programs


No money down. Available for purchase and construction loans.


No money down. Available for purchase and construction loans.


Available for purchase, construction and refinance loans.


Available for purchase, construction and refinance loans.

our process


Build Relationship

We believe it is important to build a foundation with our customers by developing a clear understanding of who they are and what they wish to achieve as they build their new home.


Build Trust

We want to be held accountable for what we say, what we do, and how we help customers through the entire Construction to Permanent loan process.


Build Experience

Creating an amazing experience for every customer is imperative for our overall success.  We want customers to be so excited about their experience that they tell everyone, becoming a true Raving Fan.

Construction Loans :
Step-by-Step Process Guide


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frequently asked questions

A construction to permanent loan is a specific mortgage vehicle used to build a new home. This loan has multiple functions that allow you to go through the entire build process. Once the home is built the loan is modified to make your full mortgage payments.

There are many mortgage products, and programs for borrowers for most circumstances. Depending on specific qualifications, and the qualifications of the property, 1st Signature Lending has programs that offer to finance up to 100%.

Every new home is a little different. On average we see construction take 8-12 months from the time the loan closes. If planning on buying a new construction home, we suggest planning on 8-12 months before moving in.

No.  1st Signature Lending works with vetted, approved build partners to ensure our customers receive their new home as planned and on schedule.

No, there are many steps required to build a new home. Shopping and securing land can be a long process, but there are several action items to take to begin the journey. We look forward to helping everyone understand exactly where to start.

Yes, during construction a borrower may need to make payments while the home is being built. Some may choose to set up an account to make these payments during construction. Payments vary based on the size of loan, interest rate, and time needed to complete construction. Consult a mortgage loan officer to learn more.

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