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There are many options when choosing your mortgage lender.  It is an important decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  We encourage borrowers to get multiple quotes and find the best fit when it comes their mortgage.  It is likely the biggest purchase you will ever make in your entire life.  It is personal, it involves your family, and it impacts your financial well-being for a good part of your life.   If buying a house was a big deal, then building is even bigger!  It is even more important to find the right lender because the process of building a home can take up to a year to complete.  A lot can happen in a year.  People get married within a year, have babies, and people build their forever home.  1st Signature Lending is a highly reviewed construction to permanent mortgage lender based out of Indianapolis, Indiana.  Since 2003, 1st Signature Lending has been helping customers build their dream home.  Here are the reasons why:

People – Every mortgage company brags about their experienced loan officers.  1st Signature Lending can make the same boast, but throughout every department, you can find professionals that have experience in both mortgage and residential construction.  The ability to understand both the build process and mortgage process sets us apart from other mortgage lenders that simply sell CTP loans as part of their product menu.   

Products – From manufactured loans, home purchase loans, and construction to permanent loans – we have worked to provide an array of products to help people from different circumstances. To provide customers with the best experience it is important to have many options so that borrowers don’t have to bend to the criteria of a product that may not be the best fit.  Everyone that can qualify should have an option that is the best fit for them.  1st Signature Lending has the most competitive construction to permanent mortgage products on the market.   


Technology – Construction to Permanent mortgage lenders work with many standard technology products to help consumers through the mortgage process.  1st Signature Lending has invested in mobile technology to provide a mobile app to help customers through the build and loan process.  Our custom mobile app is available in both Apple and Google Play stores and allows both builder and borrower the ability to track their loan, upload documents, and streamlines communication from all parties involved in the process.  


If you are interested in building a house and need a residential construction loan it is important to work with a lender with experience, products that meet your needs, and a process that is simple.  Whether it is your first time purchasing a home or second, building a home is a great opportunity verses buying a home that limits your options.  1st Signature Lending is focused on helping consumers build their dream home.  If you need advice, or would like to understand how to qualify for a construction to permanent mortgage to a build a home please contact one of our experienced loan officers today.

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