Construction to Permanent Lending in Texas

1st Signature Lending is excited to announce that it will be able to provide its full suite of Construction Loan products in the great state of Texas.  This opportunity not only benefits 1st Signature Lending, but our builder partners, and ultimately the thousands of borrowers interested in building a dream home.  

Are you considering a move to Texas? Here’s what you should know about building your home.

Texas is Building:

The Texas housing market is booming.  This graph shows that Texas home builds exceed the United States averages.  Texans have figured out the perplexing mystery of how to navigate the largescale shortage of housing inventory. Don’t buy it, build it!

1st Signature Lending will meet demand.

Since 2003, 1st Signature Lending has set itself apart from its competitors in the Construction Loan market.  Yes, there are other companies that do Construction to Permanent (CTP) lending, but 1st Signature Lending has made it a priority to specialize in the Construction to Perm loan product, and we are constantly refining to be even better.  Whether you are a builder or a borrower, it is important to work with a lender that understands the complexities of building a home.  Building a home is a longer process than a simple purchase, so your lender partner matters.  

What Options Do I Have for My CTP Loan?

With a Construction to Permanent loan, you are not limited to the type of build nor are you limited in the loan product which can drastically change how your loan serves you.  Here are your options.

Home Types:

  1. Stick-Built Single-Family Homes:

Stick-built homes are built at the location where it will be lived in.  You can get as specific as you would like with its customizations.   

  1. Modular Homes:

Modular homes have been partially built off site from where the home is intended to sit.  It is then placed on a pre-built, permanent foundation where the home is intended to be lived in.

  1. Manufactured Homes:

Manufactured homes are built offsite in a factory, assembled, transported by chassis with wheels and can be placed on a foundation, lot, or home park.

Loan Programs:

Loan Program Loan to Value Percentage Credit Score Minimum
Conventional Up to 95% 680
FHA Up to 96.5% 580
VA Up to 100% 580
USDA Up to 100% 620

Every Texan comes from different circumstances that could require different level of expertise concerning the loan program and product that is applicable to reaching your goal.  1st Signature Lending prides itself on our expertise in Residential Construction Loans and can’t wait to help both builders and borrowers in the great state of Texas

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