1st Signature Lending and Habitat for Humanity

“If you have not had a chance to go to the Habitat for Humanity, I highly recommend this experience.  On Saturday, when we finished for the day, I walked around helping to pick up the tools, and I found a nail.  I was like ‘This nail is going on my desk.’ For some who walk by it will just be a nail, but to me it represents so much more.” – Patricia Laliberte – Mortgage Loan Officer

On Saturday, April 30th, 2022, 1st Signature Lending embarked upon its 1st volunteer event with Habitat for Humanity.  A small group of our staff gathered early morning and was assigned a collection of tasks to build a home.  Everyone seemed to grab a new understanding of the home construction industry that we serve every day.  This event is something we will do again for many reasons.  Let’s break them down.

  • Build Community – is one of 1st Signature Lending’s Core Values. We believe that showing gratitude must be more than lip service but one of community service and action.  We constantly reflect on how we can serve each other and serve our community to make a difference.  Habitat for Humanity is an amazing opportunity for truly showing gratitude.


  • Team Building and Morale – If you have ever had to build anything with a team you may have experienced some turbulence as you worked together to accomplish your goal. This exercise positioned our staff to work together closely to help Habitat achieve its goal for the day.  We did so well, that we were sent home early.  Way to go TEAM!


  • Understanding Our Build Partners – Everyday 1st Signature Lending works with our build partners to help their clients build their mortgages. We build their mortgage, so customers can build their home.  Our team got to experience first-hand with their own hands what it is like to build a home from the ground up.


“We have a team that is dedicated to building community.  Our group took that to heart. The person that is going to be moving into the home participated in the build with us and the beaming look in her eyes was worth every drop of sweat we put out.” -Cody Ubelhor – Marketing Project Manager

“It was fun and there is no event like helping someone who could never own a home get into their own.

Homeownership breaks generational poverty.  But with Habitat, these fine people are required to take classes in financial management, credit homeownership, home upkeep, and other things beyond just getting a house.  Even then they, invest hundreds of hours helping build homes for other program participants.  This is not my 1st Habitat Project, and it won’t be my last… Come on board.”

Aleks Gifford – Corporate Trainer

1st Signature Lending is committed to helping our build partners improve their business and ultimately help their clients build the right mortgage.  Our experience with Habitat for Humanity is just the beginning.  We encourage anyone interested in this cause to volunteer their time.  We build mortgages so you can build your home.  Thank you Habitat for Humanity for all you do!


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